Sclerotherapy is a short, easy, inexpensive procedure,
to treat spider and medium size (reticular) veins. The procedure involves the injection of a sclerosing solution into the small veins using a very fine, thin needle. This solution irritates the vein lining causing fibrosis and the eventual disappearance of the vein. Multiple veins can be injected at each session.

Some times required a few session 2 weeks apart.

You will be surprised at how quick, easy, and comfortable the treatment can be. You’ll relax in our treatment room while a highly-trained specialist works to make your veins disappear.

The cost of sclerotherapy session is $160 and includes 50 injections  more than any other clinic in GTA area!.

Sclerotherapy - FAQ

Where is the procedure done?

It is usually done in the doctor's office. It generally does not require any type of anesthesia. The patient is asked to come to the clinic in loose fitting clothing and the spider veins are identified. With a very fine needle, these spider veins are injected with a chemical that will destroy the vein. There is minimal pain. For those who are unable to tolerate the pain, a topical local anesthetic can be applied to the skin prior to the procedure.

Can sclerotherapy be used to treat large varicose veins?

Sclerotherapy is generally used for the very small and medium size superficial veins next to the skin. Sclerotherapy is not effective for large veins and requires large amounts of the sclerosants with the potential to be absorbed. When large veins are treated with sclerotherapy, a stronger solution and a higher volume is required. Following the treatment for larger veins, compression hose stockings are often recommended to be worn for a number of weeks. It is best to have spider veins treated in the winter months as one can easily wear stockings.

How many sclerotherapy treatments are required?

It varies but typically 3-5 treatments are required for the best results. In patients with milder cases, 2-3 will suffice. More treatments are required when there are more veins or slightly larger veins.

Do I have to limit any activity after the treatment?

Walking is highly recommended soon after the procedure. But any high activity sports should be avoided for the first 5-7 days.

Does sclerotherapy hurt?

There is a little sting associated with each injection. The burning sensation last a few seconds. Most individuals are able to tolerate the procedure and do not require any type of anesthesia. The majority of patients claim that the procedure is much less painful than what they anticipated.

Is there any harm in removing spider veins

Spider veins have no function and removing them does no harm.

Can anyone undergo sclerotherapy?

Almost anyone with unwanted spider veins can be treated, except women who are pregnant or nursing. Other relative contraindications include those patients with skin infections, uncontrolled diabetes, fever, history of deep vein thrombosis, anticoagulant therapy, and those patients taking corticosteroids.

Can sclerotherapy be done on the arms or face?

Absolutely not. Sclerotherapy should never be done on the face and hands. The hand veins may not look pretty at times, but they should never be treated. Even though veins on the face are being done with sclerotherapy, the injections can be painful and the results are variable. If the facial veins are very conspicuous, laser treatment is a better option than sclerotherapy.

Is there any preparation required before sclerotherapy?

No preparation is required before the procedure. It is recommended stop taking aspirin and ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin) a few days before the procedure. Any patient on a blood thinner is not a candidate for sclerotherapy.

What happens after sclerotherapy treatment?

The injected site may (or may not) appear bruised and swollen for a few days. There is some mild pain which can easily be overcome with Tylenol. Continual wearing of the compression stockings will relieve the swelling and pain. The bruising usually disappears in 10-14 days. Patients will not experience any problem walking.

Compression Stockings:

Wearing compression stockings (thigh-highs) is imperative to achieving optimal results after sclerotherapy. They help keep the walls of the treated veins in close contact so that the body can break them down . Compression stockings promotes veins faster healing and disappearance.
It is also thought to offer an additional protection against deep vein clotting as it prevents stagnation of blood in the legs, a lower incidence of post-sclerotherapy pigmentation.
If you do not wear them, the veins will fill back up with blood after the procedure and make it much less effective.

We recommend that our patients wear compression stockings for a week after their sclerotherapy procedure, and that they wear them 24 hours after treatment for the first day.

As part of our complete health approach to vein care, we professionally measure each of our clients for compression stockings.

Here, in Beauty Medical Clinic you can find a complete line of compression stockings with variations in style and fabric that will be guaranteed to suit your lifestyle. Our stockings come in many different colors and styles. We have socks, pantyhose, thigh-highs in cotton, sheer and our new ultra sheer line.

Many insurance companies can provide coverage through Employer Benefit plans. Check with your provider for full details.

Enjoy your legs!


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